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Soundflower Studios is a professional recording studio based in Wembley, London UK, offering professional recording, mixing & mastering services at competitive rates.

Senior producer at Soundflower Studios -  Marcin Bobkowski, has had over 30 years of experience in the music industry as a performer, producer and sound engineer. Not only has Marcin had major record deals as an artist, but he continues to work with some of the biggest international stars on the music scene today. Marcin's passion for music is evident in the quality of his work and his exacting professionalism in the studio. Whether he is working with a star or a novice, Marcin always get's the best out of the musicians he works with and is able to turn their musical aspirations into reality. Marcin set up Soundflower Studios and sister label Soundflower Music in 2008, with the aim of making high quality production available to artists of all levels & abilities. "What every musician deserves in the studio, is a producer who is as dedicated to their music as they are. Who strives for perfection at every stage of the recording process and is able to bring the best out of them, whilst staying true to their music & their voice." Marcin Bobkowski.


"Top marks! Quality productions right here. Highly recommend by LeBurnski."

LeBurn Maddox

"At Soundflower Studios you can get a great sound, and you will always find the musical and technical solutions you need to bring your inspirations to life!"
Steve Harris

"Believing is achieving. If you love Reggae Music then you found it right place."

Jason Nembhard

"A pleasure to work with from start to finish, the expert knowledge and attention to detail was exactly why we chose Soundflower Studios."

Domenico Arenare

"Soundflower Studios has been a real find for me, as well as being technically excellent it is their ability to help me get the right mood and atmosphere on my music which has always blown me away, I would not hesitate in recommending Soundflower Studios for any project. "

Concrete Johnson

"I've played in studios up and down the country, but it's the quality of the recording that keeps me coming back to Soundflower Studios. Marcin must have one of the best ears in the business and he knows how to get that perfect take out of the musicians he works with. "


I have decided to record my first song with Soundflower studio because the way Marcin explained everything about the process and the cost implications was so flexible professional and friendly. The project he singlehandedly done with the recording and helping every way he could was simply amazing . He recorded a Drum track , which my friends think is performed by a top notch live drummer ! Thank you Marcin and see you soon to get my 2nd song recorded:)

Nish Malwenna

Great service, quality equipment and the team really know how to get the best of your music! Would highly recommend.

Ngoni Gudo

Had a Great time working here. Songs turned out amazing. Prices are really good and the engineer puts in 110% into every song. Definitely passionate about what he does and it’s really evident in the finished songs. Would highly recommend!

Marlon Rishondala

Professionalism and great vibes! one of the best studio in London

Luigi Platania

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